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An Experience Beyond Travel

Access to a GLOBAL PLATFORM for Elite Group travel.

Earn a REWARD STAR for every month you are a subscriber.

BONUS: Subscriber + 1 fully paying guest allowed per trip*.

GIFT YOUR TRIP: Option to gift your trip to someone you care about.

HOTEL DOLLARS (H$): Save more on hotel bookings with earned H$**.

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* +$99 NON-Refundable additional Administrative Fee per guest.
** Available only with the BD Dream Vacations Monthly + Hotel Dollars subscription.

STEP 2: Your Account Information

Please fill in the details carefully so that they are stored accurately and your orders/purchases are reflected towards the correct information.

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Please create a username, password you can easily remember. This information allows you to access your account, book for trips, and much more.

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Terms and Conditions

I have read and agree to be bound by the Agreement (which includes the Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use, and Return Policy). I certify that I am 18 years old and legally able to enter into the Agreement. I understand that I have the right to terminate my Subscription Member Agreement at any time, with or without reason, by sending written notice to BD Dream Vacations.

STEP 3: Your Payment Information

All transactions are secure and encrypted.

CZ Invoice Instructions:
1) After checking out with "CZ Invoice" go to the Back Office to complete payment
2) Go to Back Office > My Account > Notifications.
3) Click on the "CZ instructions" notification and follow the instructions to pay with CZ invoice.

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Please Sign in before paying with you BD Wallet

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BD Wallet

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Multiple Payments Instructions:

1) After checking out with “Multiple Payments” go to the Back Office to complete payments

2) Go to Back Office > Orders > Multiple Payment Orders

3) Find your order number and click on “MAKE A PAYMENT” to add payment

4) In the Multiple Payments popup, click on “Add New Payment”

5) Add your Payment Amount and select your preferred Payment Option

6) Click on the PAY NOW button to complete payment

This option is only available for interbank transfers.


  1. Login to the online banking portal of your bank
  2. Go to "Transferencias" to process an interbank payment.
  3. Please include the following information when processing your payment:
    Bank Name: Banco de Loja
    Identification: RUC 1793103774001
    Beneficiary Name: ByDzyne Ecuador S.A.S.
    Type of Account: Checking
    Account Number: 2903336698
    Reference/Memo: Contrapartida number and Order ID (OID)
  4. After you complete the above process, please login to your Back Office and submit a Support Ticket
  5. For the Support Ticket, please select category “Payment for an Order” and subcategory “EC Bank Transfer Receipt”
  6. Please provide the following in the support ticket message:
    1. Order Number
    2. Transaction Number mentioned on Deposit Slip
    3. Upload screenshot image of Deposit Slip (Note: Make sure the image is visible)

NOTE: We will need your payment confirmation screenshot to identify the OID with the payment. We will only release your order if it is submitted through a ticket from the Back Office.

Billing Information
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